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An American  Garden CD, dedicated to the greatest generation, is a collection of seven of Tofani’s original compositions utilizing a variety of forms. The ensembles vary in size from a quintet to a string orchestra to a big band, totaling 41 of New York City’s finest musicians.

Tofani’s mastery of woodwinds, as well as his gifts for composition, is fully evidenced on the closing track “Liberté” where he performs all ten woodwind parts.

The players are some of New York City’s great studio musicians including:

  • Pat Rebillot on piano
  • Ronnie Zito and Danny Gottlieb on drums
  • Mark Egan and Jay Leonhart on bass
  • Bob Millikan and Marvin Stamm on trumpet
  • Ronnie Cuber on baritone saxophone
  • Jim Pugh on trombone
  • Jack Wilkins on guitar
  • Gordon Gottlieb on percussion.